Spanish Delicatessen SL it’s a company created in Barcelona in 1999 by two young workers which had worked in other countries for some years and saw the difficulty to buy quality spanish products out of Spain.

The company starts their activities focused on export and starts in always difficult Dutch market, with a great success selling cheeses from all spain and serrano and iberico ham.

Then they start in German market, in gourmet and wines retail shops with an strategic partner, Ardau Weinimport, currently shareholder of the company. Austria was next country to sell on.

After this success, company starts to sell in countries like Portugal, Scandinavia, Ireland and New Zealand, and last was Rumania in 2009 as a last market where you can find Spanish Delicatessen products.

Taking care for the environement, Spanish Delicatessen has a new range of bio products with certificates of CCPAE (Catalan County of Bio field production), with register number CT001413/C. This certification guarantee this range with no preservation or no natural products inside and to obtain this products they not overuse natural resources.

Our strategic alliance with company Casanovas Catering Traiteur SL to export and distribute their range of salt to all world, has been last job of Spanish Delicatessen. These products have won in Alimentaria 2008 with Innoval prize, as a best innovate food product. For now, the liquid salts still has no concurrence in the market.

After more than ten years of experience, we follow working with the same illution than first day to be better and to improve service we offer to our clients.